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This consists of a set of physical exercises specially thought out to strengthen the muscles without increasing the overall volume. This discipline allows us to stylize the figure across the accomplishment of a fluid sequence of movements with scanty repetitions. The Pilates is characterized because it focuses the physical work on the body replacing the hardness with the intelligence, obtaining long-term benefits. It is a system endorsed by professionals of the medicine and the physical education of many countries, by this aptitude thus re-educates the body in its effective movement, improving the quality of the daily activities of the one who practises it.

All the exercises are done so that the abdomen is the muscular centre of the body, improving the strength and tonification from the column to lumbar level, which is the base of the rest of the vertebral column. Such exercises are complete; several muscles work with intensity simultaneously, including the deepest muscles, which are those that support the bony skeleton. The method Pilates uses involves the mind, the body and the spirit working as one by means of the breathing and the concentration exercises there is achieved a condition of global easing, eliminating stress and muscular tensions.

– Increase of the flexibility and the agility. It generates muscular balance, as well as a major coordination of movements and to achieve the control of the abdominal ones and the respiration. – Contributes vitality and force permitting the ability to do the heaviest daily tasks or any other type of sport.
– It improves the postural alignment and corrects the postural incorrect habits.
– By means of the integration body – mind manages to increase the auto-esteem and the knowledge of one’s own body.
– It allows us to anticipate and to rehabilitate injuries of the system skeletal muscle.

Abdominal Hipopresivos:

The Abdominal Gymnastics Hipopresiva consists in generating a Hipopresión inside our abdominal cavity. By means of different positions and movements and by means of a contraction of our muscle diaphragm in expiration (apnea espiratoria) we manage to do an effect of suction of our entrails, the result is a negative pressure inside abdominal and pelvic cavity, this provokes one a contraction reflects muscular of the musculature of the pelvic soil and of the abdominal strip.

– Recovery and tonification process in the stage of Postpartum.
– It improves the problems of urinary incontinence.
– They are exercises potentially beneficial to improve the sexual life.
– It improves the health of our back.
– It improves our sports performance.
– The aesthetic aspect of the abdomen improves

If you have some doubt or are interested in treatment, get in touch with us and we will attend to you in the shortest time possible.

If you have some doubt or are interested in treatment, get in touch with us and we will attend to you in the shortest time possible.

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